Dear Members,

Your membership in the Estate Planning Council of Calgary will expire on September 1 2020.  Renewal instructions are below. There are some changes this season due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  While none of the executive team are professional economists, we have considered and modelled a number of options given this new climate and have decided the best way forward with regards to membership renewal is:

  • Reduce annual member fees from $395 to $240, this fee includes online content for each event
  • $40/event fee for members that attend in person, offered on a first come first served basis with capacity set by government and venue restrictions (currently 50)
  • Programming will generally follow the same schedule as prior years, with the exception of the Christmas social which will likely move to late spring 2021 in hopes of accommodating typical attendance 

We feel this structure best achieves the primary objectives to: 

  • Keep the council viable and incorporate contingencies through this environment, however long it lasts
  • Prioritize the social aspect of the council as much as safely possible
  • Be fair to both those wanting to attend in person and those that may not be comfortable to do so
  • Allow flexibility where possible to adjust as circumstances change
Please reach out if you have questions or comments, guidance and feedback from our membership is important. Finally, our AGM is in November and we will have positions turning over at that meeting. Please let us know if you are willing to sit on the board for this upcoming year.


Spencer Mellace, President EPCC 
(587) 349 5478

Please follow these steps to renew your membership:

Forgot Password? Please visit our website at  http://www.epccalgary.com/sys/profile  You will see a Login box in the upper right corner.  Click on the link "Forgot Password".  Enter your E-mail address and the security code displayed, then click "Submit". You will receive an email containing a one-time encrypted link that will enable you to set your Password for the new website.  Please remember your Password.

STEP #1:  Renewing your Membership
-Go to  http://www.epccalgary.com/sys/profile
-Login in to the site (if not automatic) using your E-mail address and Password
-Select the "Renew" button
-Review your Profile information and make any corrections if necessary  
Select  “Update and next” button

STEP #2:  Paying your Dues 
-Once you have selected "Update and next" review your fees and pay online with the “Pay online” button
-Alternatively, you may select “Invoice me” to receive an emailed invoice with instructions to pay via cheque

Because the membership renewal process is automated, please try to pay your dues promptly.  You will receive automated reminders until your renewal is complete.  Approximately 45 days after September 1 2020, if you have not renewed your membership will automatically lapse and you will be unable to log in to the website or register for events.

If you have difficulty renewing your membership or you do not wish to renew your membership, please contact the Membership Committee Chair.  Click here for contact details 

Membership and all related privileges are non-transferable. 

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